ErgoSURE Pro

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ErgoSURE Pro
Help your clients develop ergonomic programs based on real-life situations, not guess work
Help your clients develop ergonomic programs based on real-life situations, not guess work. ErgoSURE Pro is cost effective and easy to use ErgoSURE Pro may be used by: Safety Professionals Industrial Hygienists Certified Ergonomists ErgoSURE Pro is an essential and invaluable tool for today's health and safety professional. ErgoSURE Pro

ErgoSURE Pro is a postural assessment tool designed specifically for the ergonomic health and safety consultant market, allowing the evaluation of employee posture while working at computers. This is a unique electronic version of the internationally accepted Rapid Upper Limb Assessment (RULA) System, developed by Dr. Nigel Corlett and his associate Lynn McAtamney at the University of Nottingham's Institute for Occupational Ergonomics in the United Kingdom. With the RULA System, an organization may survey a broad range of computer-related work activities involving repetitive motions to detect - and remedy - hazardous situations and conditions.

ErgoSURE Pro utilizes photographs instead of stick drawings to record how an employee is working and to determine postural deviations. Postural assessments are automatically scored. With ErgoSURE Pro , you may analyze assessment data for analysis and track progress for an individual - or an entire group - over time. In minutes, the sophisticated, easy to use software completes assessments that may previously have taken hours. You may select and customize reports on an individual, or selected group, and highlight potential areas of concern. Follow-up assessments may be conducted to track progress and fine-tune ergonomic strategies. Use ErgoSURE Pro to help you help your clients today!

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