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Ever Boots Steel Toe Boots Are Ideal Protective Footwear For Safety On Worksites

Corona, CA (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - Ever Boots, an online retailer of durable and comfortable work boots, is making available a collection of steel toe boots meant to serve as protective footwear on a wide variety of industrial, commercial, and residential worksites.

Ever Boots steel toe boots have been designed to meet a full range of needs for different industries and work conditions. Depending on the buyer’s specific industry requirements, they can purchase shoes that are designed to be lightweight, waterproof, thick-soled, or any combination of these features. The steel toe boot models currently available on the website include the Tank S, Protector, and Minner. Each of the aforementioned models has a bevy of features that are carefully selected to make them perfect for particular work requirements.

The company’s Tank S and Minner steel toe boots model is built specifically with the aim of being fully waterproof, making it the perfect choice for keeping the wearer’s feet dry in environments where they may have to traverse wet and moist surfaces. They also come with oil and slip-resistant rubber soles that offer a dependable grip on both dry and slippery work surfaces. They also include an EVA midsole PU insole that provides comfort, flexibility, and support for hours. This can be a must-have requirement for a number of jobs such as flood damage restorers, plumbers, linesmen, maintenance men, mechanics, warehouse workers, and more.

The company’s steel toe boots are also tough enough to resist impact damage from large objects and shearing and tearing from sharp objects. The steel toe boots have reinforcements around the toe which are usually made out of steel or another metal. They offer plenty of foot protection due to their puncture-proof nature. For example, the company’s Tank S model comes with a certified ASTM F2413-11 I/75 C/75 steel toe that offers protection from impact or compression.

The steel toe boots are perfect for keeping the wearer safe from falling objects, helping them walk down paths where the ground is littered with sharp objects that can prick and breach regular footwear, working on uneven ground, or moving around large machinery. The company’s steel toe boots also have anti-fatigue steel shanks that act as metal arches for supporting the wearer when they are climbing stairs, scaffolding, or ladders. This makes the steel toe boots perfect for jobs such as outdoor installations, construction, renovations, and more.

The build quality of the footwear combined with the innate protection they offer due to their design and choice of materials ensures that Ever Boots’ steel toe work boots will last the buyer for years after purchase. The boots also come in a wide range of styles that are sure to appeal to customers from different industries with varied tastes in footwear. The boots also go through extensive quality assurance to make sure the product delivered to the customer is up to spec and fully capable of fulfilling all of its promises. Readers can browse through the entire steel toe boots collection by heading over to the link:

Ever Boots also addresses the concern that steel toe boots might be an electrical hazard if the wearer works on sites where loose electric wires pose a danger. According to the company, the metal that comprises the reinforcements around the toe is embedded inside the boots and is isolated from the bare ground, eliminating the risk of electrical hazards. The company cites observations from the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) to back up its safety claims.

Ever Boots offers free shipping on all orders more than $50. They have a convenient 30-day full refund policy if the boots don’t happen to fit the buyer. The company also offers a generous 3-month manufacturer warranty on all of its products. The 3-month guarantee will cover the purchase if the outsole falls apart within 3 months, the leather rips due to normal wear, or the upper and outsole separate.

Interested buyers can head over to the Ever Boots website to learn more about its entire product lineup and order themselves the perfect work boots for their demanding career.

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