Fiber Optic Adapters

Source: Nite Ize, Inc.
Illuminate Places You Couldn't Before!
The Nite Ize Fiber Optic Adapters allow you to turn your mini flashlight into a precision light-bending instrument. These adapters allow precise illumination into the smallest areas, where ordinary flashlights cannot shine. This tool allows you to view an area clearly, by keeping the flashlight to the side and out of your line of sight.

Also convenient for these tasks:

  • Maintenance - Bend light and have room to see and work with another tool.
  • Photography - Illuminating hard to reach areas, or for use in camera maintenance.
  • Locksmiths - Safes, vehicles, etc.

    The Fiber Optic Adapters are made in two diameters to accommodate most AA and AAA size flashlights. They are available in various lengths to complement different uses.

  • Flexible 3mm Fiber Optic Wand yields maximum light output
  • Focusing flashlights allow control of light output
  • Non-conductive, non-magnetic and non-electrical wand
  • Flexible Cap design is durable and prevents flashlight from rolling

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