Fire Suppression System

Source: AFEX Fire Suppression Systems
Fire Suppression System
This detector is a point thermal type that is shock and
AFEX Fire Suppression Systemsor is a point thermal type that is shock and vibration resistant. The detectors are installed in and adjacent to the high hazard areas. The detector's switch contact closes at 300°F and reopens at 270°F. The detectors are wired in parallel with a shielded two-wire conductor. They are housed in a carbon steel bracket, which is designed to be easily bent to facilitate placement. The vehicle battery provides power for the detection system.

Landfill equipment operates in a rugged and tough environment that has unique fire hazards. Equipment fires put capital investment and production at risk. To prevent fire losses, this equipment requires special fire protection. The hydraulic oil leaks or trash accumulations become fuels that ignite quickly, engulfing the engine compartment in flames. An onboard Fire Suppression System provides a prompt response to knock down fires and reduce fire damage.

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