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Flame Resistant Hawaiian Shirts Deliver Safety And Fun

Every day is Aloha Friday

Santa Ana, CA /PRNewswire/ -- Workers stuck in hot, heavy and boring flame and arc flash resistant clothing have something to smile about. The typical array of standard FR clothing doesn't allow for much creative expression. However, Santa Ana-based Benchmark FR offers a tropical solution for your FR wardrobe. They've created protective clothing that is comfortable, innovative and highly functional while exceeding industry standards for arc flash and flash fire resistance standards. Introducing their newest product -- the first flame resistant Hawaiian shirt.

Aloha FRiday began as an April Fool's Day prank when the marketing director posted a picture of a Hawaiian shirt on the company's social media account. Instead of laughing at the post they began receiving requests to purchase the tropical shirt. The demand was an 'A-Ha!' moment for marketing director Mark Wright. "We started thinking this could be a real opportunity."

Flame resistant clothing must protect against industrial flash fires and electric arcs that can generate temperatures approaching 14,000 degrees Fahrenheit, there were multiple variables to consider prior to moving forward with production.

Keeping the design creative and functional was paramount. The result is a single-layer, long-sleeved shirt that is NFPA 2112 compliant and are Arc Level/HRC 2 rated. The lightweight moisture wicking materials ensure comfort and the design guarantees you'll stand out in the field.

"While it looks like you're wearing a long sleeve t-shirt under a Hawaiian shirt, it's a single layer. Long sleeves are required for the outermost layer, but we didn't want to make a fully printed men's long sleeve shirt that could be mistaken for a blouse," said Benchmark FR founder John O'Sullivan.

The process from concept to final product happened in less than six weeks, according to O'Sullivan.

As with all Benchmark FR clothing, each shirt has an individualized serial number for tracking and includes one-year free repair warranty, even if the damage is caused by the wearer.

"We take pride in doing things differently," said O'Sullivan. "We're a U.S. company with American made products."

Founded in 2002 by an engineer and a fashion designer, Benchmark FR is flame and arc flash resistant clothing manufacturer that believes flame and arc flash resistant clothing can be protective, comfortable, interesting and most products proudly made in the U.S.A. Learn more online.

SOURCE: Benchmark FR

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