Forklift Safety Course

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Forklift Safety Course
With this course, users can train just one or thousands of
With this course, users can train just one or thousands of workers from work or home, day or night. The AdvanceOnline program delivers added flexibility, automated record-keeping, and effective training. The course is designed to assist the student in becoming an authorized forklift operator. The term "forklift" applies to all types of powered industrial trucks, including ride-along and walk-along units. OSHA requires that all forklift operators receive safety training before operating any type of forklift (Powered Industrial Trucks Standard 29 CFR Part 1910.178). After successfully completing this course, an operator will then demonstrate these skills by driving and operating a forklift. The supervisor's signature on the downloaded and printed certificate-of-completion verifies that the student is an authorized powered-industrial truck operator. Course objectives include:

•Describe forklift operator requirements
•List the items that must be checked in a pre-operation inspection
•State the specific characteristics of forklift
•Recognize workplace hazards
•List safe driving rules and key safety concerns
•Demonstrate safe load handling procedures
•Explain how to recharge batteries, change batteries or propane tanks, and refuel a forklift
•Discuss safe operating procedures for special units of forklifts.

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