Gas Detection Head

Source: Marconi Applied Technologies/ArgusDirect
The company offers a new, low-cost flammable gas detection head for use in Fixed Gas Detection Systems.
The company offers a new, low-cost flammable gas detection head for use in Fixed Gas Detection Systems.

The VQ600 is a competitively priced head, one of the benefits of which is that it can be used with any of the company catalytic pellistor gas sensor, including those for special applications, and is available with many optional accessories. It holds CENLEC approval for use in Europe, and is approved by CSA.

The end-user markets include the petrochemical, chemical, water, processing, food, fire protection, telecom, mining and landfill industries, as well as the utilities and HVAC contractors.

The accessories available include:

  • Quick Calibration Hood- Constructed from polypropylene, this push-fit hood makes it easy to supply test gases to the VQ600 head in the field for calibration and checking purposes.
  • Collector Cone- This is designed to enhance the performance of the head when used in detecting leaks of gases which are lighter than air, e.g. hydrogen or methane. It collects rising gases and directs them to the VQ600 for maximum detection sensitivity. A remote calibration point allows for a sample gas line to be installed in a convenient location when the VQ600 itself is inaccessible.
  • Weather Cap- Made from 316 stainless steel, this protects the head from water ingress in external locations where rain or spray could otherwise interfere with its safe working or inside buildings where water is used for cleaning purposes.
  • Flow Cap- Also made for 316 stainless steel, this is for use where the head is to be aspirated with a pumped or pressurized sample permanently.

The VQ600 is also designed for long, trouble-free life. There are flats across the body of the device which allow the end user to remove the head from its junction box using a spanner or wrench should it be over-tightened or become corroded over the years.

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