Brochure | January 15, 2013

GreenLight® Environmental Brochure

Source: Baseline - MOCON, Inc.

Ideal for wastewater treatment plants and drinking water treatment plants, water hygiene professionals and environment engineers who need an accurate, low cost method of measuring disinfection efficiency. The advantages include the ability to calculate line aerobic bacteria loads in as little as 45 minutes, perform real time operational changes to disinfection process and automatically record results to meet 40 CFR part 160 ‘EPA’ and 21 CFR part 58 ‘FDA’ requirements.

The GreenLight® Environmental series (calibrated to E.Coli) offers a quicker method to determine “total determine” to optimize UV disinfection. Ideal for:

  • Wastewater
  • Drinking water
  • Surface water
  • Ground water
  • Bottled water