Grip 'n Clip Flashlight Fastener

Source: Nite Ize, Inc.
Grip 'n Clip Flashlight Fastener
The Grip 'n Clip makes D, C, and AA cell flashlights easier and more convenient to use.

The Grip 'n Clip is designed to complement the shape and style of aluminum barrel-shaped flashlights. The neoprene sleeve is designed to fit securely around the flashlight. An adjustable webbing hand strip is attached to the sleeve on D and C cell sizes, allowing you to securely fasten the strap to the back of your hand. The AA Grip 'N Clip uses an elastic strap to offer added security by placing two or more fingers under the band. A utility clip is fixed to the strap to allow quick and convenient access. The clip can be attached securely to the side of a pair of pants, shorts, belt, or simply hung on a nail in the closet. The design is streamlined, and makes the flashlight so much easier to use, that the Grip 'N Clip becomes a permanent and integral component of your flashlight.

Aluminum flashlights can be very cold and uncomfortable to hold with bare hands in the winter. The insulative qualities of the neoprene cure this problem by incorporating these features:

  • "Sharkskin" neoprene sleeve for warmth and comfort
  • Adjustable strap designed for added security
  • Utility clip provides convenient way to carry or store flashlight

    The features and benefits of the Nite Ize Grip 'N Clip make it an excellent accessory to keep on the flashlight at all times.

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