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Hanvo - China's Leading Safety Products Manufacturer Leverages Craftmanship To Help The Business Stay Stronger In 2022

Hanvo is a Chinese listed world-class safety products manufacturer and a one-stop hand protection solutions provider

New York, NY /PRNewswire/ - In 2022, Hanvo continues to secure and develop its global market share in safety glove markets during the pandemic. Hanvo is always striving to provide more innovative products. Hanvo has 43 intelligentized dipping production lines, 1000 automatic looms, 670+ global partners, 18,000,000 dozens glove annual capacity, and currently covers more than 90% of the product types in the innovative safety gear market.

In the past two years, under the Covid-19 pandemic environment, more and more global factories have suffered from the lack of work resumptions. Hanvo did three things to honor their craftmanship and remain competitive:

First, Hanvo copes with the crisis by clear product repositioning and manufacturing structure upgrading. With the expectation of the demand for gardening gloves, home gloves and etc., Hanvo strongly partners with global major retailing malls. In addition, Hanvo safety is also certified by Sanitized®, which allows it to produce bacteria-resistant gloves.

Second, Hanvo adopts a vertical integration structure to secure stable and quality yarns supply. Hanvo innovates breathtech™ micro-foam nitrile coating for workers' super comfortable wearing experience; Innovative Smart Grip® flat crinkle latex coating for highly abrasion-resistant performance; and the latest Super Grip® rough sandy coating for protection in the rough sandy coating surface.

Third, Cutting costs while maintaining quality. Quality is the first belief at Hanvo. Hanvo's products have been certified by CKG800-UE, OEKO-Tex, etc. Hanvo's unique yarning and knitting technology (AGV technology) requires no labor during the production process. Hanvo safety successfully managed every process needed for excellent in-house manufacturing to ensure the best and most consistent quality. In addition to automation, Hanvo also owns a quality control team with more than 80 technicians to do free sample testing from each workshop. The most advanced automatic packaging technology is also adopted to pack the finished products after inspection. All workshops in Hanvo strictly follow the ISO quality system certification. Such consistency of high product quality has enabled Hanvo to build a solid client base, which is another vital factor to tackle the strict environment.

In 2022, Inflation jumped at its fastest pace in nearly 40 years last month, increasing the expense in the supply chain; Average hourly earnings are running at a 5.7% pace over the past 12 months, near the highest levels in 15 years, increasing the cost of labor; The rapidly rising wages are expected to push Federal Reserve interest rate hikes at an even faster pace, increasing the cost of capital. More importantly, the threat of the Covid-19 variants is still not yet cleared and the future remains foggy. But no matter what happens to the world, Hanvo puts the value of partnership in the business motto, and would hold hands tight to walk through the hard time together.

About Hanvo
Jiangsu Hanvo Safety Product Co., Ltd. (SZSE: 300952) was founded in 2004 and headquartered in Nantong, China. After decades of investment in research and development, it has been a world-class safety products manufacturer and a one-stop hand protection solutions provider. Hanvo safety has a business footprint in more than 50 countries and has corporated with 670+ global partners.

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