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Source: Respond! Software Systems/ICPA, Inc.
The AICE! Millennium monitors and analyzes hospital-
The AICE! Millennium monitors and analyzes hospital-acquired (nosocomial) infections. The software can be used to investigate outbreaks, analyze patient risk factors, and benchmark data. One feature is the ability to create screen designs of the user's choosing for specialized studies, e.g., for quality improvement studies. With a few clicks of the mouse, the software can also automatically calculate surgeon-specific site infection (SSI) rates stratified by various risk factors from a database of surgical operations.

The software also includes QuickComp, an automatic comparison of the user's organization's rates with national benchmark data from the Centers for Disease Control NNIS data. Comparisons of adult and neonatal ventilator-associated pneumonia, central line bacteremia and surgical site infection rates are all possible with QuickComp. Thousands of reports can be selected for analyzing the data that is entered into the software. Reports include Line Listings, Frequency Distributions, Crosstables, Incidence Graphs, Rate Calculations, and Monthly Device Day Rates. Data can also be translated into professional quality graphs for presentations that provide visual impact. Users can print individual line lists and letters to surgeons or head nurses for followup purposes.

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