Highway Professional® Posters

Source: Clement Communications, Inc.
The performance of your drivers - their attitudes, their skills
The performance of your drivers - their attitudes, their skills, the way they treat your customers - can bring you success or bring you trouble. Make it success!

You can't be out there on the road with them. In fact, you're almost powerless to influence your drivers' behavior once they leave the terminal. Until now!

Highway Professional Posters help you fire up your drivers to drive safely, improve driving habits and cultivate solid customer relations! They'll help you address all those concerns that typically haunt big-rig managers, and they do it without ever having to say a word.

Every week, a powerful new Highway Professional Poster will drive home your goals for safe driving habits, improved customer service, careful loading procedures and even proper vehicle maintenance.

Give your drivers the respect they deserve and show them that you care about their safety. Put Highway Professional Posters to work in your company for the first 4 weeks free.

Each week Highway Professional Posters cover a new, relevant topic such as:

  • Safe Driving Attitudes
  • Staying Alert
  • Clearances
  • Blind Spots
  • Big-Rig Safety Tips
  • Trailer Security
  • Avoiding Slips and Falls
  • Pre-trip Inspections
  • Good Paperwork Skills
  • Proper Loading Tips
  • Pride and Reputation
  • Proper Accident Reporting
  • Safe Following Distances
  • Back Safety
  • Bad Weather Tips
  • Substance Abuse
  • Backing Up Safely
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