News | August 21, 2013

How Can Risk Assessments Help My Bottom Line?

Companies that implement safety functions, perform functional safety evaluations, and implement safety in manufacturing processes have seen a big increase not only in the morale of the employee but also a substantial increase in productivity.

A risk assessment is the starting point for reaping these benefits, but is this process that important that most of the new machine safety standards have a clause that mentions “Risk assessment shall be done?”

Join us for a free 45-minute educational webinar where Dr. William Howard, President and Founder, Stability Technology, will give you a behind the scenes look at the process of conducting a risk assessment. This webinar will help you get a clear picture of what is involved in a risk assessment, and will show you the extended benefits of implementing a risk assessment to meet compliance requirements for your application as well as providing additional safety for your workforce through risk mitigation, thereby increasing productivity.

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Source: Evoqua Water Technologies