Howard Leight's New Leightning Earmuff

Source: RJ Safety Supply Company, Inc.
Howard Leight's New Leightning Earmuff Strikes Twice
Howard Leight's New Leightning Earmuff Strikes Twice -- With the Highest Attenuation and Unsurpassed Comfort

Forget what you have heard. LEIGHTNING does strike twice.
Howard Leight's new LEIGHTNING earmuff blows the competition away with unsurpassed comfort and an NRR 31, the highest available in the industry.

Weighing only ten ounces, the LEIGHTNING is light-weight, heavy duty hearing protection. The LEIGHTNING-31 features special, high-density, slow-recovery foam ear cushions that contour to the ear, providing low pressure, yet good seal. Also, the special foam is vinyl-covered, making the cushions easy to keep clean, by not allowing soil to penetrate the surface.

The independently flexible wire headband and adjustable cups provide a custom fit for any size or shape head. And, the wide, extra-long padded headband and its two-point suspension offer easy adjustment for a personalized fit, also adding to the long-wearing comfort.

The special earmuff cushions are replaceable, which extends the life of the earmuff, saving you money. The LEIGHTNING EARMUFF BY HOWARD LEIGHT is sleek and black making the LEIGHTNING-31 the perfect marriage of style, comfort and optimum function

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