Hydraulic Dock Levelers

Source: Rite-Hite Corporation
As part of the Total Dock Safety System, the HD-1700 line of levelers can be configured to meet specific safety and productivity demands
As part of the company's Total Dock Safety System, the HD-1700 line of levelers can be configured to meet specific safety and productivity demands of most loading dock operations. The HD-1700 STL hydraulic dock leveler offers safety and productivity with fully hydraulic operation and the company's Safe-T-Lip barrier to help prevent vacant dock drop-off accidents. This leveler is equipped with an integral steel barrier that automatically rises into place when the leveler returns to its stored position. The rugged barrier is designed to keep forklifts from running or slipping off the vacant dock when no trailer is present. The unit's slotted lip design also allows the barrier to be easily positioned out of the way for convenient endloading, even below dock level.

The system also features Automatic Recycle, which automatically returns the leveler to a safe, dock level position when the truck departs with the leveler lip on the bed of the trailer. This function avoids a dangerous void-in-the-floor condition resulting from a leveler that remains at the bottom of the pit. The levelers are designed to prevent platform free-fall from any position in the event of early truck departure with a heavy load on the platform. In the event of uncontrolled ramp drop the dependable, hydraulic fuse safety stop system automatically stops the ramp drop by limiting free-fall to three in. or less, thereby helping protect employees and equipment.

The series provides full-range free-float of the leveler platform. The leveler's hydraulic fuse safety stop system eliminates the need for mechanical safety legs, and requires no chain pulling. Leveler full-range free- float maximizes productivity by allowing the platform to float freely above and below dock level during loading and unloading. Units come standard with a maintenance support system to support both the ramp and lip for maximum safety and convenience. The unique safety device stays in place even if the leveler is impacted from the side or rear by a fork truck, and provides lockout capability to help facilities comply with OSHA regulations.

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