TSI Incorporated introduces its new line of IAQ-CALC Meters for investigating and monitoring Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
TSI Launches New IAQ-CALC Line of Indoor Air Quality Meters

St. Paul, MN --- TSI Incorporated introduces its new line of IAQ-CALC Meters for investigating and monitoring Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). The line currently includes three models. The Model 8732 provides a cost-effective means for making quick and easy CO2 measurements. The Models 8760 and 8762 simultaneously measure and data log multiple parameters to effectively monitor indoor air quality conditions. The Model 8760 measures CO2, temperature, humidity, and it calculates dew point, wet bulb temperature, absolute humidity, humidity ratio and % outside air. The Model 8762 adds an electrochemical CO sensor that is ideal for measurements made in boiler rooms, loading docks, and parking garages.

From a world leader in measurement instrumentation, TSI products are used worldwide by IAQ consultants, industrial hygienists, facility managers, and HVAC contractors. The IAQ-CALC Meters are ideal for investigating sick building syndrome, searching for building-related illnesses, verifying building HVAC system performance, complying with building regulations and guidelines, and observing building IAQ conditions to maintain a healthy work environment.

The Models 8760 and 8762 perform single point and continuous data logging, storing up to 14,000 samples along with the date and time. Data can be downloaded easily to a computer for reports and further analysis using TSI's LOGDAT software. In addition, TSI offers the LOGDAT Companion Excel Macro software for automatic graphing of downloaded data.

The IAQ-CALC Meters are essential for many IAQ and thermal comfort studies. The Models 8760 and 8762 automatically calculate the percent of outside air from either CO2 or temperature readings. They also calculate dew point and wet bulb temperature directly so that no psychrometric chart is needed.

TSI instruments are backed by more than 38 years experience in measurement technology. Every IAQ-CALC Meter is backed by a two year limited warranty, a fast turn-around service policy and is supplied with a complete Certificate of Calibration traceable to NIST.

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