Source: KNEX, Inc.
If you perform audits or self-assessments, this product is for you
If you perform audits or self-assessments, this product is for you.
iKNEX applies to multiple sites, utilizing the power to network and allows you to:
  • standardize the assessment process
  • add efficiency to your evaluations
  • track issues to closure
  • generate automated reports based on:
    • responsible parties
    • ratings
    • expected dates
    • and more.

In addition to HSE program compliance assessments, iKNEX is also ideal for:
  • Management System Audits (ISO 14000, OSHA VPP, etc.)
  • Performance Appraisals
  • Health Care Industry (JCAHO)
  • Human Resources

Key Benefits
  • 'Net-based system for sharing questionnaires, protocols, data and reports using Citrix
  • Build site-specific questionnaires from the program's extensive library or from your own protocols
  • One-click data input for Responses, Priority Ratings and Root Causes
  • Enter common Findings and Recommendations from your library of stored Standard Statements
  • Track Recommendations to closure and monitor Responsible Parties and action Dates
  • Assess Closed, Open and Late issues and update the total cost for each issue
  • Export reports to numerous word processing formats and include graphics, drawings and photographs

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