Indoor Air Quaility Consulting

Source: Forensic Analytical
New scientific knowledge has increased the awareness of facility managers, workers, and industrial hygienists
New scientific knowledge has increased the awareness of facility managers, workers, and industrial hygienists about the potential of indoor air quality problems. Many of the problems are related to the "tightening" of buildings in order to become more energy efficient. Other problems are related to synthetic building materials, a lack of fresh air in the HVAC system, various outdoor sources, high humidity, temperature levels, and mold growth.

The result of poor indoor air quality can range from allergies, to infections, to toxic reactions. More common signs of an indoor air quality problem include watery eyes, running nose, sneezing, nasal congestion, itching, coughing, wheezing, difficulty breathing, headache, and fatigue. Infectious diseases that spread through indoor air quality induce flu, measles, chicken pox, tuberculosis, Legionnaire's disease, and Pontiac Fever.

Forensic Analytical provides consulting and laboratory services that can effectively solve indoor air quality problems. Our team of qualified indoor air quality specialists can inspect and evaluate a variety of buildings from single family homes to office high rises.

Data is gathered through visual inspection and using on-site instrumentation that measure indoor air pollutants. Specific analytes that are examined may include carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, total and respirable dust, fiberglass, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds, endotoxins, tobacco smoke, temperature and relative humidity. If necessary, the team can take biological samples to evaluate a potentially dangerous mold or bacteria problem. After analysis of the data and a determination of the problem has been made, a report is provided that details the investigation's findings. Finally, the group can provide design, monitoring and supervision of remediation, if necessary.

Sometimes the best solution is on-going monitoring of the problem or potential problem. Forensic Analytical's industrial hygienists can design and implement a customized indoor air quality management plan and conduct follow up investigations and periodic inspections.

The experts at Forensic Analytical are ready to assist you with your indoor air quality concerns. Whether you require a comprehensive approach, or require only limited assistance, Forensic Analytical can help address your concerns with confidence.

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