News | December 9, 2021

Industry-Leading Safety Solutions Company Announces Newest Innovation

McCue Corporation launches its brand-new, shock-absorbing bollard

Danvers, MA /PRNewswire/ - Leading safety experts, McCue announced the release of their SafeStop Bollard 15. SafeStop Bollard 15 absorbs and withstands impacts up to 15,000 J, keeping people safe and facilities damage-free.

Through innovative design and rigorous product testing at the highest standard, the McCue team has perfected this bollard to safely stop material handling vehicles, protecting people and business operations.

Its proprietary blend of synthetic elastomers and high-strength steel absorbs impact energy, separating workers from heavy machinery with highly visual safety barriers. This stopping power technology eliminates potential accidents and costly damage, resulting in total people protection and no down time.

Chief Innovation Officer, Thomas Ustach, says, "These safety bollards advance workplace safety and, most importantly, protect people from harm. Designed to dissipate impact energy and attenuate shock, SafeStop redistributes the impact load instead of transferring it to the ground or material handling vehicles."

They were also designed to be easily installed and relocated. Ustach says their industry-leading stopping power and innovative designs are what separates McCue from their competitors.

This shock-absorbent safety bollard will be available for pre-orders starting December 9, 2021.

About McCue Corporation
McCue, a company with over 31 years of damage prevention experience, has roots across the world. With offices in the U.S., China, and the UK, the company's main purpose is to make retail spaces and distribution centers work better and safer. Their innovative products are what make them leaders in the industry, and why customers continue to choose them for all their safety needs.

If you would like more information about this product, please contact McCue's Industrial Safety Barrier Team at (800) 800-8503 or email

Source: McCue Corporation

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