NFPA Ensembles

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<i>NFPA Ensembles</i>
Only Kappler has three choices for NFPA Certified Protection
NFPA Certified Garments - Only Kappler has three choices for NFPA Certified Protection: Reflector, Responder, and Responder Plus
Reflector is the first limited-use, single-skin garment certified to the NFPA 1991 Standard (1994 Edition).
  • Flame resistance and radiant heat
  • protection, combined with chemical protection in a single-skin garment.
  • New softer, more pliable fabric for added comfort and flexibility.
  • NFPA 1991 (1994 Edition) certified by the SEI.

And, if you already have Responder or Responder Plus they can be converted to NFPA certified ensembles with aluminized fiberglass overcovers for chemical flash protection.
All three Kappler garments meet the requirements of the NFPA 1991 (1994 edition). Responder also meets the optional (Chapter 6) Liquefied Gas Protection requirements and the 1992 (1994 edition) standards.
Exclusively from Kappler - Tingley NFPA Hazproof Boots - the first and best boot to meet NFPA 1991.
<> Emergency HazMat Teams, Chemical Handling

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