Injury Prevention Program

Injury Prevention Program
BACKSAFE is an injury prevention program that helps reduce
BACKSAFE is an injury prevention program that helps reduce worker compensation costs. It is designed to have long lasting effects on employees to reduce costly injuries both on and off the job. Specific workshops are aimed at training employees how to perform their jobs bio-mechanically correct. The manufacturer customizes programs for all job descriptions including material handling, construction, trucking, nursing, police, fire fighters, distribution etc. The aim is to break workers' bad habits and replace them with healthier ones that they will apply on a daily basis.

Workers acquire basic knowledge of the anatomy, biomechanics and stretching exercises, and are motivated to apply proper body mechanics to their jobs on a daily basis. The key to this program is a kinetic learning module (obstacle course). Employees are taught how to do their jobs in their work environment. Components of the workshop include:

•Job site analysis/pre-assessment
•Design and customization of workshop
•The education phase via a job specific video
•3-minute workout
•Obstacle course participation
•Questions and answers.
•Each employee fills out course critique forms to provide instant feedback on the success of the program
•Employees receive their BACKSAFE "Certificate of Completion"

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