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Source: United Fire Health & Safety Equipment Company
RAE Systems' business is to provide high value, reliable, easy to use field monitors and gas detectors
RAE Systems' business is to provide high value, reliable, easy to use field monitors and gas detectors. The initial product thrust is to develop and introduce a line of intelligent, portable organic vapor detectors with superior price, performance and reliability. As market needs emerge, the company will also provide extended system solutions for environmental, industrial and health and safety users. RAE's management and directors firmly believe that sound financial strength for the enterprise is the foundation to serve our customers, employees and shareholders. As a result, the company has adopted a conservative approach toward cost control.

RAE Systems was formed in April, 1991 and eight months later demonstrated a functional photo ionization detector (PID) to a selected focus group from the industrial hygiene and environmental safety markets. Shortly thereafter, RAE successfully accomplished planned technology development which resulted in a high energy light source driver, a short wavelength light source and ionization chamber structure. These breakthrough technologies establish a new industry benchmark for power and size reduction which are incorporated into the MicroRAE, the world's first programmable personal volatile organic compound (VOC) monitor.

Markets Served
The primary demand for the field monitors is driven by the proliferation of environmental and safety regulations. In the United States, the growth and funding levels of enforcement activities of various agencies, particularly the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) influence the demand for environmental and air monitoring instruments. The demand is rapidly growing domestically and internationally, and expected to last throughout the next twenty years.

Technology & Products
The company's product line offering is strongly guided by the following principles and will rely heavily on field user feedback to guide new product definition.

Must truly satisfy user's needs and deliver superior value
Must have uncompromising quality, reliability and serviceability
All product software and hardware must be modular, expandable and upgradeable, based upon RAE's technology leadership in sensors and instrumentation measurement.

Sales and Marketing
RAE Systems will seek out multiple sales channels including safety distributors and instrument rental firms. Initial market focus was on North America, now combined with planned expansion into Europe, South and Central America, Middle East, Japan and the Pacific Rim. Promotion will include national and international trade shows, press editorial and qualified lead generation to establish RAE Systems as the leader in selected market segments.

Service & Support
RAE's service strategy starts from the fundamental belief in total quality and reliability. The product design philosophy also emphasizes self-test or self diagnostics. Any minor misuse or malfunction will direct the user through the self diagnostic feature of the built-in microcomputer for corrective action. Expendable items like lamps and sensors can be easily installed in the field to minimize down time. Spare parts will be priced for increased value and to assure cost of ownership is recognized as a true competitive differentiate.

Selected Achievements
Introduced the MicroRAE Personal and MiniRAE Professional PID

Started volume production and shipment
Introduced MicroRAE Turbo, DataRAE and ModuRAE fixed system PID
Received grant of patent

Delivered the 1,000th unit
Received UL and cUL intrinsically safe Class I Division I
Introduced MiniRAE PLUS and ToxiRAE Pocket PID

Introduced ToxiRAE range of single gas monitors
Received CE and EEx intrinsically safe approvals for Europe
Introduced MultiRAE 1 to 5 Gas Monitor
Received CE and EEx intrinsically safe approvals for Europe

Introduced RAE manufactured gas detection Tubes and Pumps
Delivered the 10,000th monitor
Introduced UltraRAE specific compund monitor for benzene

Introduced SampleRAE electronic pump for gas detection tubes
Awarded US Navy contract for worldwide wing tank entry gas free testing on all land and ship bases
Awarded ISO 9001 certification by DNV certification Inc.

Introduced MiniRAE 2000 handheld PID and ppbRAE
Moved to new premises, expanding from 10,000 to 25,000 square feet
Expanded service department to include factory calibration, service contract and rentals

Management Team

RAE Systems was co-founded by Dr. Robert Chen and Dr. Peter Hsi. Both have extensive track records in building up a successful business. Dr. Chen's focus is business development and general management while Dr. Hsi concentrates on technology and product development. In 1979 Dr. Chen founded Applied Optoelectronic Technology Corporation (AOT), an automatic test equipment producer, which was acquired by Hewlett Packard in 1991. Prior to AOT, he held various management and engineering positions at Hewlett-Packard, Tektronix, General Electric, GM-Delco, and Fairchild Semiconductor. Dr. Chen holds a Doctorate in Engineering from Syracuse University as well as MSEE and BSEE degrees from South Dakota Tech and National Taiwan Cheng-Kung University. Dr. Hsi served as Vice President of Technology at AOT Corporation and has over 18 years of prior experience in research and development with Hewlett-Packard, General Electric and United Technologies. He received his MS and Ph.D. degrees in Engineering Science from Syracuse University and BSEE from the National Taiwan Chiao-Tung University.

Technical Advisory Board
In addition to the experienced business and technical founders, RAE Systems also enjoys an active technical advisory board with expertise from chemical, petroleum, biomedical, environmental and health industries.

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