Integrated Healthcare Delivery System

Source: OneComp Health Systems
OneComp recognizes the value of having an integrated healthcare delivery system
OneComp recognizes the value of having an integrated healthcare delivery system. Our localized healthcare provider networks are supported by a national provider network, in case your employees are away from home or work when the need for healthcare services arise.

OneComp's PPO and EPO Healthcare Networks include primary and specialty care providers, hospitals, physical therapy clinics, outpatient surgery centers, diagnostic imaging centers, home health companies, and the list goes on. We benchmark provider practice patterns against nationally accepted clinical protocols to insure quality-driven outcomes.

Our provider contracts contain financial incentives for those providers who practice quality medicine delivering positive clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction. Our contracts do not financially penalize healthcare providers. We are not a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), nor do we treat your employees as many HMO's do.

OneComp will also work with your company to develop wellness programs that will help keep your employees healthy and increase productivity. We even provide your employees with a telephonic wellness service. From allergy to urology, you are covered.

Through our telephonic health management program we can increase employee satisfaction, produce healthy lifestyle changes, and reduce risks and expenses for your company's self-insurance program. This program targets prevention for 20% of the employees who incur 80% of your health care costs.

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