Internet-Based Solutions

Source: Virtual Compliance, Inc.
This new suite of Internet-based solutions is designed to
This new suite of Internet-based solutions is designed to simplify business regulatory compliance. The new services include VREGS, MSDS Inbound and MSDS Outbound, and the DOT HazMat Classification Wizard and Product Locator.

VREGS is a virtual, linked method for accessing the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) in a user-friendly way. Compliance professionals can use it to review OSHA regulations with original regulations linked to definitions and context-sensitive information on services, supplies, and training.

Whether a company needs to provide MSDSs to employees, or wants to offer them to customers, Virtual Compliance handles the process from start to finish for internal needs (MSDS Inbound), including obtaining MSDSs from suppliers, hosting them online on a private website, and burning backup CDs. The same is true for MSDS distribution; the company manages everything including upload, bandwidth and databases (MSDS Outbound).

The HazMat Classification Wizard is a proprietary tool that assists shippers in determining the appropriate DOT hazard classification, which may include hazard class, United Nations number, packing group, and proper name. It gathers relevant information, saving shippers from having to sort through regulations to select appropriate DOT approved containers.

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