News | August 28, 2020

Introducing Tillman's Cut Resistant 1332 Premium Goatskin TIG Gloves And 1252 Premium Side Split Cowhide Stick Gloves

Compton, CA /PRNewswire/ - As expectations and job requirements change, so do the needs of the welder for their hand protection. Tillman has two new gloves that have been meticulously designed to offer the greatest protection and dexterity.

The first is the Tillman 1332 – the most versatile TIG glove available. Constructed with supple Tillman Goatskin and a Para Aramid lining, you get a glove with incredible feel and dexterity along with ANSI A6 cut resistance and level 3 Abrasion and Puncture Resistance. The 1332 allows the user to handle material, cut material and weld all with one glove providing the comfort and protection required. Plus, the feel of the 1332 is incredible. The user will be amazed at the level of touch and dexterity when handling a stainless steel TIG welding rod or a tungsten electrode.

The second is the new 1252 ANSI A6 cut resistant stick glove. When developing a cut resistant stick glove, Tillman looked to one of the top selling stick gloves in America, the Tillman 1250 as the foundation for the glove. To give the welder the protection they require, the palm, fingers and back of the hand are lined with a DuPont™ Kevlar® lining for ANSI A6 cut resistance. The DuPont™ Kevlar® lining has an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio, making it difficult to be cut or frayed for dependable protection. The addition of the DuPont™ Kevlar® lining also provides some heat resistance for added user comfort. The 1252 was designed to deliver an incredible feel and dexterity to the user and offers a straight thumb for a great grip on the stinger.

Both the Tillman 1332 and 1250 cut resistant gloves are essential additions to any welder's arsenal, enhancing versatility, comfort, dexterity and cut resistance.

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About John Tillman Co.
In 1928, the John Tillman Co. was formed to provide personal protection solutions for welders and other industrial workers. Founded in the Southern California "oil district" of Signal Hill, Tillman quickly rose to be known as the top manufacturer of quality welding gloves and leather protective garments. Tillman's product line has grown from a handful of welder's gloves in 1928 to over 1,000 items. Tillman's core product lines include welding gloves (Stick, MIG, TIG), Drivers, Work, TrueFit (mechanics style), Specialty and High Heat gloves, Clothing (leather, lightweight flame retardant, high heat), Welding Blankets, Curtains/Screens, and Accessories. John Tillman Co. is headquartered in Compton CA. with distribution facilities in CA, GA, and IN. and has manufacturing operations in the United States, Mexico and China.

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