Responder CSM

Source: Kappler Protective Apparel & Fabrics
<i>Responder CSM</i>
The threat of CW agents is no longer isolated to military operations
The threat of CW agents is no longer isolated to military operations. From municipal hazmat teams to federal security agencies, being prepared to work with chemical warfare agents is now standard procedure.

For this reason, Kappler joined forces with GEOMET Technologies, one of the largest commercial facilities certified by the U.S. Government to conduct testing with chemical warfare agents, to develop the Responder CSM series of protective garments.

Together they provide the assurance of state-of-the-art suits combined with meticulous testing and quality control. Chemical warfare agents are deadly and unpredictable and their extreme toxicities require the special protection provided by Responder CSM. The wide range of garment designs give you the protection you need whether you're working in a lab, at a remediation site, or in an emergency response activity. Seams are sewn then taped for added protection.

Responder CSM protects against a wide variety of agents:

  • Lewisite (L)
  • Mustard (HD)
  • Soman (GD)
  • Nerve (VX)
  • Sarin (GB)
  • Tabun (GA)

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