ISG Thermal Imaging Systems

Source: Pointer Technology Inc.
Pointer Technology Inc is a Master Distributor for the K90 Talisman Thermal Imaging Camera
The K-90 Talisman is the only Thermal Imaging Camera that provides the fire service with these standard features (necessary for maximum picture resolution during high infrared load operations):

  • HD-BST Technology - Provides the maximum resolution output of the BST sensor, especially during high infrared loads.
  • Twin Digital Saturation Control System (TDSC) - Digitally controlled saturation system that manages both front and rear saturation, fully automatic, requiring no input from the operator. This system allows for maximum picture quality during high infrared load operations.
  • AutoTemp - A three level internal cooling system that keeps the sensor and the electronics temperature stable even during extreme high temperature operations.
  • Emergency Battery Back-Up - Carries as standard equipment a battery pack that uses AA alkaline disposable batteries that allow use of the K90 in any remote setting where rechargeable batteries are not feasible.

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