Company Profile | January 1, 1996

JB Ruck & Assoc.

Source: J. B. Ruck & Associates, Ltd.
JB Ruck & Assoc.
J. B. Ruck & Associates, Ltd. specializes in regulatory affairs compliance and product and process development. In these ever changing times, it becomes more difficult for manufacturers and distributors to do business and keep abreast of the regulations, record keeping, employee training, permitting and reporting requirements imposed by the federal, state and even municipal governments. Our organization brings a wealth of knowledge by virtue of its years of experience to cover the breadth of expertise essential to meet all of the above requirements.

Essentially, J. B. Ruck & Associates, Ltd. is an outsource for all regulatory needs; assuming the burden currently carried by internal staff or delegated in pieces to various operations personnel. Client companies find that our firm is an economical and practicable way to minimize the high costs of the regulatory burden while ensuring the efficiency of operational personnel and maximizing the quality of regulatory compliance.

As your agent, J. B. Ruck & Associates, Ltd. offers each of its clients prompt, efficient and professional representation at the agency level of the above referenced governmental regulatory bodies - whether federal, state or municipal. This advocacy encompasses responses to related filings or required document submissions, consumer or employee questions/complaints and potential citations of non-compliance.

Additionally, J. B. Ruck & Associates, Ltd. offers, to small manufacturers, the benefit of over thirty years of proven expertise in the development of unique products in the household and industrial cleaner and polishes arenas, as well as the personal products (cosmetic and drug) industry.

As a value-added service to our clientele, J. B. Ruck & Associates, Ltd. publishes a monthly newsletter which is both informative regarding current topics and provides advance notice of changes in applicable regulatory statutes.