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Keep Things Moving With Two High-Quality Solutions From FirstPower Group LLC

Industrial manufacturing and equipment services company with a strong background in lubricant research has developed two revolutionary fluids that help prevent disconnect switch failures and make switching faster

Twinsburg, OH /PRNewswire/ -- Pieces and parts that won't move can present quite a challenge for technicians when they're out in the field servicing high voltage disconnect switches. The results can sometimes lead to damaged equipment, significant downtime or injuries.

Lubricating mechanical switches makes operations easier and safer for those involved. It can also help prevent switch and equipment failures, save time and a great deal of money, and mean that fewer customers are without service.

FirstPower Group LLC, a Twinsburg, Ohio, industrial manufacturing and equipment services company, knows about the challenges that technicians often face. The company boasts a rich history of maintaining and repairing high voltage circuit breakers. In response to the common issues that the company has encountered over the years, FirstPower has created two high-quality and efficient solutions to help technicians get jobs done safely and in a timely manner.

1FR ™ Penetrating Fluid
This innovative fluid is non-conductive, non-flammable and arc-quenching so it won't cause flashover fires. Through a chemical action, 1FR™ Penetrating Fluid dissolves and removes hard corrosion, rust and grease deposits that often prevent switches from opening or bolts from moving. And testing has shown that when switch parts are pre-treated with 1FR™ Penetrating Fluid, full operation was achieved in as little as 30 minutes.

3PAO™ Synthetic Lubricant Oil
FirstPower's 3PAO™ Synthetic Lubricant Oil is an outstanding lubricant. This non-flammable oil provides medium life lubrication for moving metal parts. 3PAO™ Synthetic Lubricant Oil is a polyalphaolefin with excellent lubricity to aid in the closing of disconnect switch contacts. 3PAO™ Synthetic Lubricant Oil is compatible with most greases and is often used by the electric utility transmission and distribution divisions.

Both of these fluids are designed to work well with FirstPower's innovative, remote control disconnect switch lubrication tool, The STINGER®.

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About FirstPower Group LLC

FirstPower Group LLC is an industrial manufacturing and equipment services company that specializes in maintaining older high voltage circuit breakers and compressors used by the electric power industry.

Founded in 1979, FirstPower Group LLC has been addressing efficiency and productivity concerns for the electric power industry from its very start. The company's research efforts and innovative solutions have provided significant improvements for the vertical market overall.

FirstPower is also heavily involved in lubricant research for the electric power industry. The company's experience, inventive tools and evolving processes have led to an expansive understanding of the lubrication needs of circuit breakers used in high voltage circuit breakers. FirstPower's unique and highly effective disconnect switch pre-treatment tool, The STINGER®, is an example of the company's commitment to safety and reliability.

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