News | May 17, 2022

Kinetic Adds Jump Detection To Reflex Wearable Platform

Wearable technology helps protect industrial workers from injuries caused by performing avoidable jumps

New York, NY (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - Kinetic, the company providing wearable technology that fosters safe environments for the industrial workforce, today announced a new Jump Detection feature set for the Reflex wearable platform that expands the number of risky behaviors the device can detect. For industrial and ecommerce workers, jumps can result in both a single-incident acute injury, or an accumulative overuse injury. In fact, the total cost of jump-related claims in 2021 was $142M with the average cost per claim at $24,716, the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) states.

Read more in the Kinetic blog: New Reflex Feature Reduces Jump-Related Injuries and Claims about Reflex Jump Detection.

New jump analytics accessible through the Reflex dashboard will help industrial employers understand how frequently jumps are occurring and then take action to reduce risk among their workforces.

Jump Detection allows safety managers to:

  • Discover high-risk jobs and employees, and to share data with them and provide specific coaching and support.
  • Use timestamped jumps analytics to gain visibility into on-site and off-site aspects of their operations. For example, these timestamped events can be used for identifying the routes and stops where drivers are more prone to jumps, or identifying job setup in their warehouse that leads to high risk jumps.
  • Track trends and improvement over time, to help them determine the efficacy of training and job design changes.

“To help meet a company-wide goal of eliminating one million injuries for the industrial workforce in the next 10 years, we’re releasing an additional feature set to our Reflex wearable platform,” said Haytham Elhawary, co-founder and CEO of Kinetic. “The device can now help reduce common worker injuries, like a slip, a fall or a musculoskeletal injury caused by jumping down from a truck, a ladder or a raised platform. We expect to add detections for more motions in the future, as part of an ongoing effort to detect more of the high risk movements that lead to workplace injuries.”

Kinetic added Jump Detection to Reflex in response to customer demand. The new feature is especially useful to organizations with drivers or other workers who are exposed to jumping, including local parcel/package delivery drivers, local bulk delivery drivers, warehouse loaders/unloaders, and forklift drivers.

“We’re always looking to gain insights into how our drivers are doing their jobs,” said Steve McClure, Director of EHS for Dawn Foods, which recently deployed Kinetic Reflex among their driver workforce. “We’ve experienced injuries from drivers jumping off of lift gates, or when they do not practice the three points of contact and jump down from their trucks. Having jump-related data available will help us better understand and address these risky behaviors.”

With Kinetic, workers are equipped with wearable technology designed to reduce injuries and losses. The wearables automatically detect unsafe movements and provide workers with real-time feedback whenever a high-risk motion occurs. With use over time, workers can improve their biomechanics, resulting in fewer injuries. Risk data can be viewed in the Kinetic dashboard and used to make targeted changes to workplace processes that can help to further reduce injury risk.

About Kinetic
Kinetic provides wearable technology and a software analytics platform that helps reduce workplace injuries. To date, tens of thousands of workers have worn Kinetic’s Reflex product at hundreds of facilities around the world, with a 50-60% reduction in injury frequency. Customers include companies in the retail, logistics and manufacturing industries, including 6 of the Fortune 50. Kinetic was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in New York. Learn more at

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