News | September 20, 2021 Launches Nano Tag, The World's Smallest Affordable, Disposable & Wearable BLE Tag

Driven by innovation, Nano Tag sets a new standard for location-aware disposable BLE tags

New York, NY /PRNewswire/ - Inc., the industry leader in Bluetooth ® Low Energy (BLE) indoor IoT solutions, today announced the availability of the Nano Tag - the world's smallest BLE beacon, and the first disposable wearable tag - to solve for worker safety, patient and visitor experience use cases for the healthcare, hospitality and events industries.

"Continuing our standing commitment to innovation, we are thrilled to announce the Nano Tag today, taking yet another step in driving cost reduction and environmentally friendly products," said Rom Eizenberg, CRO at "Servicing increasing demand from our customer base, the Nano Tag eliminates the need for Lithium batteries while providing a truly wearable BLE device that redefines what is possible in tag miniaturization and performance," added Mr. Eizenberg.

Addressing size and unit cost limitations of older generation RFID tags,'s BLE tag technology makes it possible for end users to deploy truly disposable beacons in a wearable form factor that makes a host of new use cases possible, including those for event delegates, sport fans, building visitors or healthcare patient localization and the applications that take advantage of such real time data.'s open API-First delivery architecture, coupled with BLE's promise for an open wireless standard that is vendor agnostic, stands to rapidly increase adoption of advanced use cases such as:

  • In healthcare, Nano Tag is used by staff to prevent patient wandering and elopement, to monitor patient procedure wait times and better orchestrate emergency department and operating suites workflows;
  • For trade shows and in large music and sport events, Nano Tag wristbands are used for crowd safety, emergency management and to enable new experience use cases such as location-aware food services, find my friend and other indoor location experiences;
  • In smart-buildings, wearable lanyards and wrist Nano Tags make it possible to monitor visitor movements inside buildings, improving facility security and overall safety.

This amazingly small and waterproof (IP67) device measures just 0.9 in (23 mm) x 0.7 in x 0.3 in (5.3mm) and only weighs 0.07 oz (2g). The Nano Tag is powered by a Silver Oxide, non-toxic battery which provides up to three months of battery life transmitting once every second (1Hz), extendable to a full operating year at a slower location update rate.

The Nano Tag is powered by Bluetooth 5.0 technology, making it compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices, low-cost BLE gateways and inherently supported by Cisco WiFi 6 and Cisco Meraki access point equipped with a BLE radio. AI Cloud managed,

Amazingly-Simple-IoT™ solutions from make it possible for a wide range of organizations to harness the power of IoT without the need to deploy massive IT resources or prohibit financial costs to transform building operations 'Smart'.

Nano Tags are available from USD $7.99 to $4.99 unit price through the store, channel network and in the Cisco IoT Device Marketplace.

To find out more about Nano Tag, join the webinar this week, register here for free.

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