News | August 2, 2017

LEM Products, Inc. Manufactures Label Kits For The Wind Turbine Industry

The wind turbine industry has been rapidly growing. Upon its growth, more employees will need to be trained for tower construction and maintenance. One of the primary aspects of this training is safety and precaution.

Wind turbine workers must work at heights over 200 feet, which presents a plethora of dangers. Workers should stay protected against fires, falls, confined spaces, electricity and arc flash, noise, dropped tools, and more.

Wind power workers are exposed to extreme heights, harsh weather conditions, and high winds and moisture on a daily basis. To remind them of safety procedures and precautions that must be taken, it's imperative for custom safety labels and warning tags to be present at all work sites.

LEM Products, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and provider of custom printed safety labels for the wind turbine industry and more. They create identification tags and signage for all parts of wind turbine units and associated structures including exterior fencing, transformer units, entrance hatches, interior ladders, controls, and the inside of nacelles (the interiors of wind turbine towers).

LEM Products, Inc. creates kits that are specifically designed for the wind turbine industry. These kits consist of labels to identify the turbine parts, confined space warning labels, high voltage labels, arc flash labels, and more.

Workers in wind turbine construction and maintenance must be prepared with a comprehensive safety plan, conditioning for the environment, commitment to safety compliance, and emergency procedures. In order to enforce these preparations, the presence of industrial tags and labels from LEM Products, Inc. is imperative for their safety.

LEM Products, Inc. realizes the importance of safety labeling in the wind turbine industry and other industries that pose safety risks for employees and passers by. For more information, visit

SOURCE: LEM Products, Inc.