News | October 13, 2023

Level Up Launches Solutions To Keep Oil And Gas Workers Safe

This technology protects lone workers on-site, and helps companies abide by laws in place for these at-risk individuals

Level Up Safety Technology is launching a portfolio of solutions that keep oil and gas workers safe. Designed to underline compliance laws already in place, Level Up Safety Technology includes easy-to-use solutions that empower lone workers and companies with safety reporting, automatic check-ins and emergency response techniques designed to reduce injury and save lives.

As the ESG movement gains traction, safety culture is moving to the forefront for oil and gas companies. On-site work can be hazardous and finding ways to keep lone workers safe is a priority, both from a moral and a legal standpoint.

“I grew up in Grande Prairie Alberta, understanding firsthand the exciting opportunities in the oil and gas industry, and how dangerous these projects can be,” begins Aimee Pawliw, Founder and CEO of Level Up Safety Technology. “Lone workers put themselves out there every day, logging in long hours in remote locations, and knowingly putting their safety at risk to keep these companies going. I am passionate about finding new ways to support these workers. And our portfolio of solutions is designed to make this easy for both lone workers and the companies that employ them.”

Level Up Safety Technology offers a portfolio of easily implemented solutions to protect lone workers on the job, and offer real-time support when required:

Real-time location monitoring
In an emergency, employers can keep track of employees' GPS location

Automatic check-ins
Workers can check in to provide real-time updates of their location and safety

Overtime alerts
Employers receive alerts when workers do not report in or out of shift

Emergency response
Workers can quickly, effortlessly and efficiently notify teams when they are in danger

Roll call
Employers can notify workers and conduct role call when situations are in flux

Lone worker monitoring
Employers can monitor location and movement

Safety reporting
Photos, check-lists, forms and location information can all be covered

For more information, visit Level Up Safety Technology.

Source: Level Up Safety Technology