News | May 22, 2014

Lifeloc Technologies Introduces Marijuana Simulation Goggles To Bring Marijuana Awareness To Life


Cannabis Goggles Now Available for Workplace, Schools, Transportation and Safety Sensitive Education Programs

Denver, CO (PRWEB) - Lifeloc Technologies (OTC:LCTC), Wheat Ridge, Colorado, a leading manufacturer of breathalyzers for evidential breath testing application in Workplace, Law Enforcement, Corrections and Schools announces the immediate availability of Cannabis Goggles. The new goggles are intended for substance abuse professionals, employee wellness personnel, drug abuse counselors, educators and safety managers’ use to demonstrate the physical and cognitive effects of THC impairment.

Amy Evans, Workplace Business and Training Manager for Lifeloc Technologies commented, “Marijuana is known to effect balance and coordination, decease alertness and reaction time. Cannabis Goggles bring home the message in drug recognition and awareness education that THC intoxication is just as real a safety concern in the workplace as is alcohol intoxication. Student drug awareness programs also benefit from the simulation goggles.”

Smoking marijuana may affect the ability to perform even simple tasks. THC, the psychoactive chemical in Marijuana may impair concentration and coordination, and even short-term memory loss. Lifeloc Marijuana Goggles simulate the physical effects of being under the influence of THC. They are easy and safe to use.

Marijuana Goggles are the newest addition to Lifeloc’s line of alcohol impairment goggles which are available in five different BAC (Breath Alcohol Content) configurations and two drug impairment configurations. Drug impairment goggles give the wearer an opportunity to feel “high” or “stoned.” Red-Eye Goggles simulate the effects of blurry, unfocused vision and Snooze GogglesTM simulate the effects of sleep deprivation. The goggles can be purchased directly from the Lifeloc Technologies website:

More information about Lifeloc Technologies and its products is available by visiting, emailing sales(at)lifeloc(dot)com or calling 1.800.722.4872. Distributor inquiries welcome.

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Lifeloc Technologies (OTC: LCTC) is a trusted American manufacturer of evidential breath alcohol testers and passive alcohol sensors and screeners for workplace, law enforcement, corrections and international customers. More information about Lifeloc is available at

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