News | June 24, 2022

LimnTech Scientific Completes Delivery Of Two LifeMark Automated Re-Striping Systems To L & D Safety Marking In Vermont

LimnTech Scientific's automation of road striping operations will improve quality and safety.

Souderton, PA /PRNewswire/ - LimnTech Scientific has completed delivery of its second and third LifeMark Automated Re-Striping Systems to L&D Safety Marking. These automation systems are mounted on Arrow Striping trucks used to perform contracted maintenance striping in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.

The first LifeMark Automated Re-Striping System on an M-B truck was supplied to the Public Works Department of El Paso County, Colorado.

LimnTech Scientific's LifeMark Automated Re-Striping System combines cameras, and real-time artificial intelligence machine learning techniques to complete road striping in an autonomous mode while prioritizing worker safety. The system will control lateral movement of the paint carriages and turn paint guns on and off. This autonomous operation, led via cameras and software, will reduce the workload on the drivers.

LimnTech Scientific automation products for road striping equipment are currently in operation across North America, with thousands of roads recorded and laid out quickly from the safety of a state-of-the-art truck. Dozens of automatic layout trucks are being used to keep workers out of harm's way in over 12 states, all while simultaneously recording road marking locations to a high degree of accuracy.

Formed from an idea conceptualized in the hospital room of an injured road worker, LimnTech Scientific's automation of road striping operations is designed to get worker boots off the ground and into the safety of the truck, saving them from both distracted and drunk drivers.

By equipping trucks with LimnTech Scientific's LifeMark Automated Re-Striping System, roads can be re-striped automatically. Robotic automation of dangerous, difficult, or boring tasks allows fewer resources to complete the required infrastructure upgrades.

LimnTech Scientific designs and manufactures automation systems for the roadway marking industry. GPS-based and machine vision systems make jobs safer by removing workers from dangerous environments, and are available for most equipment worldwide.
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