Lockout Tagout System

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Lockout Tagout System
Premier Autoworkers is an approved lockout/tagout supplier for the Big Three automakers and a large variety of manufacturing-related facilities in North America
Premier Autoworkers is an approved lockout/tagout supplier for the Big Three automakers and a large variety of manufacturing-related facilities in North America. As indicated in OSHA regulation 1910.147, all equipment that has more than one "hazardous" energy source is required to have accompanying written documentation indicating energy locations, along with specific lockout procedures.

To comply with requirements, Premier engineers review the equipment and identify all hazardous energy such as:

  • Primary energy: electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, or gases, etc.
  • Secondary or stored residual energy: energy existing in equipment after primary energy is
    locked out, such as gravity, spring pressure, or air surge tanks, etc.
  • Environmental hazards such as robots and/or any operating equipment adjacent to the lockout system.

After identification of energy hazards is complete, engineers then determine the best method for locking out primary energy, and for releasing or blocking residual energy. Premier engineers provide the information by creating hand-drawn sketches, or by inserting data into existing machinery drawings of prints. These sketches are then given to our Graphics Department where our professional illustrators electronically create a blackline graphic for our customers to verify. After the customer verifies the blacklines, a complete color graphic and accompanying procedures is created. Color tags depicting corresponding energy-related letters or symbols are produced, and later affixed directly onto the machinery.

Final graphic illustrations, lockout procedures, and tags are printed on special paper using state of the art, high quality digital full color copiers. Using VISIMOUNT technology, these professionally produced materials are then laminated onto chemical-resistant plastic. A special heating and sealing process completes the production of plaques and tags, which are then ready to withstand harsh environmental conditions found within the plant facility. These extremely durable materials have been proven effective, and can sustain years of abuse from hydraulic oil, cleaning fluids, steam cleaning, and bright light conditions.

One of Premier's greatest assets is its ability to provide a complete lockout/tagout development "team" of experts who work together to complete the job in the quickest, most accurate and efficient manner possible. Companies using Premier professionals are able to complete the task without releasing valuable skilled employees from the job, and without investing in the training necessary to meet these OSHA regulations. Using Premier's team approach, time and cost savings can be significant.

Premier Autoworkers personnel are prepared to meet with your staff to evaluate the best and most efficient method for completing the lockout/tagout process required for your company.

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