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We partner with the industry's best software minds to provide our clients with comprehensive software solutions for safeguarding their employees and complying with the U.S. and international standards.
Premier Autoworkers partners with some of the most well-known and reputable companies in the software business to bring its clients mass-customized software solutions to meet their business needs. Premier has introduced, a complete document management system for engineering change control related to OSHA regulation 1910.147 in manufacturing environments. enables users to capture, organize, process, and maintain engineering drawings and related documents associated with the control of hazardous energy, per OSHA requirements. It also can automate existing paper-based engineering change control processes without forcing users to change current business practices. This full-featured system will at once seem familiar to users because the interface has a look and feel similar to commonly used office programs. Click here to learn more about

What do you get with
You can find and access your documents and share them between departments quickly and with complete confidence.

Find it fast
You can query just as you would query any Microsoft program with the "find" command. Microsoft Outlook-like interface seems familiar and comfortable to most users the first time they use it.

Centralized Control with Decentralized Management
Mimic the way you already find documents. The flexible database setup helps every department keep their documents organized the way they already do. You don't need to change your work environment to accommodate a new system. Now you can search between departments, too.

Connected E-mail
E-mail any document or database record information with the One-touch Tool. Now everyone who needs information can get it with the touch of a button. Eliminate time-consuming "sneaker-net" to share your internal documents.

Keep everyone up-to-date while creating or changing documents on your engineering desktop.

Hand off critical information from your designers to your manufacturing group or to your OSHA documentation staff--without a glitch--with Toolflow. And simplify your work flow by stringing together a set of One-touch Tools. Scan a drawing, OCR its title block, and release the title block fields to the database. Then query for a document, edit it in AutoCAD and e-mail it to your supervisor for approval. It's that easy and straightforward.

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