Medical Examinations

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Medical Examinations
Health Resources conducts and manages a wide array of medical examinations geared toward each company's
Health Resources conducts and manages a wide array of medical examinations geared toward each company's requirements and corporate agendas.

All service and testing can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Health Resources will design a program that's appropriate for you and your employees which will reflect the corporate culture of your company - including your own medical protocols.

Sample categories of examinations include:

Medical Surveillance or Biological Monitoring Exams
Health Resources conducts and administers the necessary OSHA exams in accordance with all regulations performing its reviews in an expeditious and sensitive manner.

Health Resources makes compliance simple.

  • Locates Providers
  • Assesses Competence
  • Reviews Standards
  • Evaluates Testing Methods
  • Standardizes Norms
  • Customizes Programs
  • Centralizes Reports
  • Coordinates Results
  • Synthesizes Data
  • Streamlines Communications
  • Ensures Uniform Costs
  • Ensures Consistent professional opinions
  • Integrates Processes

Executive Physical Exams
Your Company is making a valuable investment in senior management personnel. Health Resources provides a comprehensive approach designed to provide personal and convenient care for today's busy executive.

DOT Compliance Exams
Health Resources can provide Department of Transportation (DOT) physical exams as required by federal regulations. These exams are provided on a pre-placement and then biennial basis and performed by qualified medical personnel. Health Resources oversees exams, takes responsibility for issuing final clearance, and can establish a computerized reminder system tracking employee examination dates and notifying the respective contact of upcoming exams.

Pre-Placement Exams and Consistent Protocols
For regional locations or national needs, customized examinations can serve as baseline measures on your workforce. This helps you in reducing workers' compensation and disability costs.

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