News | July 20, 2023

Mercari Limited Introduces Next Generation 4G Lone Worker Alarms For Commercial & Industrial Sectors In New Zealand

Mercari Limited Introduces Next Generation 4G Lone Worker Alarms for Commercial & Industrial Sectors in New Zealand

Mercari Limited (NZ), a leading provider of Emergency Communications solutions, proudly announces the launch of their revolutionary 'next generation' Personal Safety Alarms in New Zealand. The Mercari Lone Worker Alarm utilizes cutting-edge 4G cellular network technology, empowering users to seek immediate assistance in case of emergencies with a single press of a button.

Designed to operate wherever there is, Spark or 2Degrees 4G cellular coverage, the Mercari Lone Worker Alarm goes beyond conventional solutions by sending distress signals via SMS to up to 10 personal contacts, co- workers or supervisors. It not only alerts the emergency contacts but also provides precise location data using GPS, WIFI, or Cell Tower triangulation. Furthermore, the device can establish voice communication with emergency contacts or directly dial 111 emergency services, ensuring swift and efficient response protocols.

Company spokesperson Sebastian Guang elucidates the significance of the Mercari Lone Worker Alarm's state-of-the-art technology, stating, "The Mercari Lone Worker Alarm enables remote monitoring of an individual's welfare, facilitating timely assistance at a known location during emergencies, and all this at a remarkably low cost."

An Unrestricted Solution.
Unlike traditional systems requiring landlines, cell phone apps or internet connectivity, the Mercari Lone Worker Alarm operates using its own dedicated, Spark or 2Degrees 4G SIM cards, offering unparalleled mobility and flexibility. Whether in an office, manufacturing plant, or outdoor field, the device operates efficiently, providing a substantial advantage over static-mounted call points or radio pendants that require proximity to a base station.

Empowering Enhanced Safety Features.
With safety at the forefront, the Mercari Lone Worker Alarm incorporates additional essential features. The integration of GPS/GPRS/GSM technology allows for efficient employee tracking, aiding in locating individuals who may have absconded or failed to report in. The Geo Fencing feature adds an extra layer of security by notifying emergency contacts if the pendant moves into or out of a designated area, making it ideal for controlling access to certain zones.

The Mercari Lone Worker Alarm is also equipped with 3D sensors capable of Auto Fall detection, a crucial aspect for those working at heights. The device automatically alerts emergency contacts upon detecting a fall, even if the user is incapacitated and unable to activate the SOS button. Contractors and lone workers can significantly benefit from this innovative safety measure, ensuring timely intervention in critical situations.

Beyond Lone Worker Safety going beyond its primary application, the Mercari Lone Worker Alarm caters to a wide range of industries. Its affordability and wide coverage allow it to be deployed in various scenarios, including Panic alarm, high-risk emergency services and government operations, where tracking personnel in hazardous situations is essential.

Sebastian Guang emphasizes the product's potential to transcend industries, stating, "With a cost of under $500+gst per unit and no ongoing expenses apart from SIM card top-ups, the Mercari Lone Worker Alarm represents a game-changer for Health & Safety across New Zealand's main population centers. The added value it brings to employers in enhancing independence, ensuring security, and saving lives cannot be overstated."

Source: Mercari Limited