News | April 19, 2023

Meridian Launches New Worker Safety Product In Time For National Work Zone Awareness Week

Archer-guard provides greater security for road workers

The latest product from Meridian Rapid Defense Group is drawing praise for its ease of use and increased ability to ensure the safety of road workers around the nation. The Archer-Guard is a safety barrier system which, because of its mobility, is ideal for creating safer work zones quickly and securely.

Meridian, with its MASH (The Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware) tested products, has a history of protecting people, communities, and places at crowded events using its patented safety barrier technology. Now with the Archer-Guard that same quality protection is available in the world of transport and traffic management.

Meridian CEO Peter Whitford said, “We designed the Meridian Archer-Guard to bring a vehicle to a slow controlled stop if it passes into a restricted area, particularly work zones on freeways and roads. If this happens each of the three connected barriers will surround the vehicle upon impact and drag the vehicle to a stop.”

“As we recognize National Work Zone Awareness Week, we are pleased to know that this new technology will help ensure greater safety for those who are out in work zones on the highways and roads across the nation on a daily basis.”

This recognition of work zone awareness takes place annually across the United States, with partnerships between state departments of transportation (DOT), national road safety organizations, government agencies, private companies, and individuals.

Unfortunately, deaths in work zones of pedestrians, including many road workers, are still on the rise. In 2020, 857 people were killed in 774 fatal work zone crashes, according to the most recent data available from

One of the major causes of accidents is cell phone use while driving. But other common distractions include people changing settings in the vehicle, talking with others in the car, grooming, texting and eating.

The advantage of the Archer-Guard system is its mobility. Each Archer-Guard has wheels and can be quickly moved from location to location. For instance, in a situation where a road crew is filling potholes, the Archer-Guard can quickly move along with them. The barriers can be moved by one person, doing away with the need to bring in heavy equipment which other systems use.

“Although it is a relatively new product,” said Mr. Whitford “we’re already getting very positive feedback from organizations using the Archer-Guard system. With the option of either buying or renting, organizations using our Archer 1200 Barriers to protect crowded events for years are now also seeing how they can ensure greater safety for their road repair crews.”

“Mainly they tell us about the huge advantage of having something that ensures even greater safety for their workers and at the same time being so mobile. They can get much more work done in a day because of the way the Archer-Guard can be set up and then quickly moved on to the next location.”

Meridian Archer 1200 Barriers are “SAFETY Act Certified” by the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) providing the ultimate standard in keeping people, communities, and places safer. For more information about Meridian Rapid Defense Group and the Archer 1200 vehicle barrier visit

Source: Meridian