Audiometric Equipment

Source: OMI

Audiometric Equipment
These high quality instruments have features that are ideally suited to the needs of industry and comply with all
These high quality instruments have features that are ideally suited to the needs of industry and comply with all OSHA test requirements and ANSI Standards for Audiometers.

The MI-5000 microprocessor audiometer is compact, easy to operate, and has a fully manual override capability. It is designed to be used with or without a printer; its LCD simultaneously shows all thresholds at the end of each frequency tested. The instrument helps provide valid, reliable data quickly and cost effectively. Utilized with OMI audio software, test results are compiled into usable report formats that are necessary for an effective hearing conservation program.

Specifically designed for large scale hearing conservation programs, the MI-6000 microprocessor audiometer has an internal printer that provides archive quality printouts and 1000 test memory. Fully portable, it is designed and tested to meet the rigorous requirements mandated by both industry and the military. Because of its small size and rugged construction, it is ideally suited for Mobil testing or van installations. A talkover pushbutton is available to communicate with the test subject through a built-in microphone, eliminating the need to interrupt multiple test sessions to re-instruct a subject. Visual and optional auditory error warnings are provided to alert the technician of patient or test errors. Utilized with the manufacturer's audio software, this product effectively handles the audiometric requirements of the occupational hearing conservation program.

The manufacturer's bioaccoustic calibrators are designed to make OSHA required daily calibrations a quick and easy task. They work with most manual and microprocessor audiometers. Their complete line of audiometric sound booths helps ensure a suitable test environment. They also handle a wide variety of audiometric supplies for most brands and models of audiometers, including printer paper or a new pair of headphones.

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