MI 24 Automatic Impedence Screener

Source: MAICO Diagnostics
MI 24 Automatic Impedence Screener
You demand performance and speed from your impedance screener
You demand performance and speed from your impedance screener. MAICO provides test repeatability and reliability to meet your most stringent requirements. Results are immediately available on the LCD screen and can be printed automatically on our quiet, fast thermal printer.

Comprehensive testing
The MI 24 and MI 26 perform automatic impedance tests, along with multi-frequency, multi-level reflex screening. Both instruments offer graphical reflex display and gradient calculations. Optional contralateral reflex testing is available with either a button phone or TDH 39.

Additional testing opportunities
Is office space an issue? With the MI 26 you can bring complete air conduction audiometric testing and impedance screening to your office in one compact instrument. Out of office testing is made easier, too, when carrying only one lightweight instrument in our optional soft-side shoulder bag.

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