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Designed to provide personal safety, Lumidor's MicroMax is
Brenton Safety, Inc. provide personal safety, Lumidor's MicroMax is OSHA compliant. Its rugged aluminum case provides superior RFI/EMI shielding, as well as dust, water and impact resistance. MicroMax is designed, tested and manufactured under strict IS0 9001 quality systems, and is UL classified and CSA certified intrinsically safe for use in Class I, Division I and II, Groups A, B, C, and D areas. Worker safety is our business, and Lumidor continually improves its gas detectors' quality and features, Available in both diffusion and internal pump models, MicroMax simultaneously monitors 1 to 4 gases (5 with Combo-Tax). The popular internal pump models allow for easy pre-testing in confined spaces and provide almost instantaneous readings of gas concentrations.

The MicroMax has many preset and field selectable alarms. Both audible and visual alarms warn the user if the oxygen levels are either too low or enriched, and when combustible gas or toxic gas levels are too high. The toxic gas alarms can be easily adjusted in the field from immediate to TWA. Alarms will also activate in case of sensor failure, low battery voltage, pump blockage or low airflow. Lumidor's unique microprocessor design allows for self diagnostics with each start up. MicroMax internally data logs individual channel alarms, TWA averaging and peak information. With a push of the "Mode" button, review information as well as check battery voltage and elapsed time. This information is available for display and documentation by downloading to a standard PC when the data logging option is purchased. Calibration is also easy - simply place in calibration "Mode", introduce calibration gas, wait two minutes and calibration is complete!

The MicroMax includes: a carrying case with shoulder strap, a rechargeable NiCad battery pack with an overnight AC charger, an alkaline battery holder, a 10' sampling hose with water trap and a particulate filter. Additional accessories available include: a data logging version (includes software and serial cable), 4-hour quick charger, 5-unit bank charger, DC-to-DC vehicle charging adopter, aluminum or fiberglass scorch probes, high-impact carrying case, portable printer (for data logging version), calibration gases, "Bump test" gases, confined space kits, and a class 2 version for high dust or water resistant applications.

Use MAX-4AP for monitoring combustibles, oxygen, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide. MAX-4APD adds the datalogging component.

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