News | October 25, 2008

Miller® Fall Protection Wins Gold Award For Miller Revolution™ Fall Protection Harness

Source: Miller Fall Protection

The Miller Revolution™ Fall Protection Harness by Miller Fall Protection was recently presented with a Gold Award in the 2008 SparkAward Design & Architecture Competition. While exceeding worker expectations in comfort, fit, ease-of-use, style, durability, compliance, flexibility and convenience, the Miller Revolution Harness provides over 11 key product features from seven new, unique components:

  • PivotLink™ Connection
  • Integrated Accessory System
  • Cam Buckles
  • ErgoArmor™ Back Shield
  • DualTech™ Webbing
  • Web Finials
  • Self-Contained Label Pack

The SparkAward is a new competition that leaps beyond the mid-century view of design to recognize best ideas and best designs. Spark is about change – designed change. Change for the better: studied, researched, cognizant of criteria like sustainability, suitability, context, inventiveness, process, universality – designs that make a difference.

In late 2006, Sperian Engineering, along with the resources of a leading industrial design firm, set out to reinvent full-body harness technology. Keeping within global safety standards for fall protection safety, the Miller Revolution Harness transformed key design features into functional benefits requested by harness users and safety management personnel.

"Employers find their workers will more readily and properly wear a comfortable harness, leading to increased safety and regulatory compliance," states Doug Mercier, VP Strategic Marketing for Sperian Fall Protection. "Providing a worker with a harness that is convenient to adjust, designed with an ergonomic fit and offers a selection of accessories that help make their job easier has now become the industry standard with the Miller Revolution Harness."

SOURCE: Miller Fall Protection