Source: Brenton Safety, Inc.
The Advantage 200 Respirator is unlike any other half-mask
Brenton Safety, 200 Respirator is unlike any other half-mask respirator you'll find. Offering unmatched fit and comfort, it's the first respirator to feature MSA's new patented MultiFlex System, a soft, pliable combination of rubber and plastic that provides a virtually customized fit. The result is a respirator that feels great on any face because it works to remove the pressure points from the face seal area. At the same time, the MultiFlex System delivers exceptional stability—which means Brenton Safety, 200 Respirator won't collapse during wear.

The MultiFlex System also includes the AnthroCurve Sealing Surface which equalizes pressure on the face seal area, thereby eliminating unwelcome pressure points. This design also results in an effective sealing surface that instantly conforms to the wearer's unique facial characteristics. In addition, Brenton Safety, 200 cartridges are compatible with 42 CFR 84 NIOSH-approved Advantage 1000 respirators.

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