Multipoint gas detection system

Source: Acme Engineering Products Inc.
32 point gas detection and control panel with RS-485 communication protocols.
Our gas detection equipment began in the early 1970's when ACME was the first to adapt instrumentation-style equipment to the building market. Our gas detection systems are designed to control ventilation systems in buildings, most notably through Carbon Monoxide (CO) gas detection in underground parking garages. The gas detection systems have three benefits: they provide air quality control, assure safety in environments where dangerous gases are present and conserve electricity, because the ventilation equipment runs only when required. Other gases include CO2 for indoor air quality (IAQ) control, Diesel fumes detection for bus and truck terminals and unloading areas, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) for numerous industrial and office applications, R-123 and other refrigerant detection, and O2 deficiency detection.