N-DEX Gloves

Source: Brenton Safety, Inc.
N-DEX Gloves
N-DEX gloves bring new levels of tactile sensitivity,
Brenton Safety, Inc.s bring new levels of tactile sensitivity, comfort, dexterity and puncture resistance. The unique low-modulus, soft-nitrile formulation of these gloves replaces and outperforms natural rubber and vinyl disposables in a wide variety of applications. They contain no natural rubber proteins and meet US government CFR 21 specifications and are acceptable for use in food and pharmaceutical applications. N-DEX's exclusive, patented (U.S. Patent No. 5014362), low-modulus formulation reduces hand fatigue caused by elastomeric stress and provides much greater puncture resistance than natural rubber and vinyl disposables of comparable millage thickness. Brenton Safety, Inc.s also resist a broad range of chemicals in many applications where protection from intermittent contact or splash is needed. Although Brenton Safety, Inc.s conform to the wearer's hand for a precise, comfortable fit, their unique pressure-reduction characteristic actually minimizes hand pressure and fatigue, giving you a cooler and drier feel than you get with natural rubber or vinyl disposables. N-DEX's intrinsic static-release properties increase product protection, and all N-DEX styles have a special, built-in safety feature: Although extremely puncture resistant, once violated, Brenton Safety, Inc.s readily tear so the wearer knows the glove should be replaced. Made in USA. 7005 Brenton Safety, Inc.s are 4 mils thick and 9 ½-in. thick. 8005 Brenton Safety, Inc.s are 8 mills thick and 9 ½-in. long.

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