National Occupational Health Management

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National Occupational Health Management
Corporate America has made great strides in meeting the demands for a safer and more cost-effective workplace for
Corporate America has made great strides in meeting the demands for a safer and more cost-effective workplace for its employees. And while some companies have the resources to support the occupational health needs of its employees with internal resources, some companies do not or may require external assistance. Instead, more and more companies throughout the United States are outsourcing their medical programs to Health Resources.

We implement and manage high-quality occupational health programs for private sector companies and government agencies worldwide. When you outsource your corporate medical program and occupational health management needs to Health Resources, you benefit from nearly three decades of experienced leadership.

Centralized and Consistent Comprehensive Resources

National Provider Network
Health Resources manages your program on a regional or national basis through a highly extensive network of over 2,500 credentialed medical providers. This network is expanded on a continuous basis to include qualified providers conveniently located close to client facilities.

Centralized Medical Direction
A physician, Board Certified in Occupational Medicine, supported by a team of other MDs with similar credentials, oversees and coordinates all aspects of your program, ensuring full compliance with all government guidelines, regulations, mandates and protocols.

Exceptional Bench Strength
A dedicated team of Board Certified MDs in Occupational Medicine and other disciplines, as well as COHNs. Case and claims managers, and EAP Professionals under one roof, provide an in-depth management and clinical infrastructure that ensures the highest quality control standards.

Consistent Standards
Whether it's a single set of laboratory standards, or a single price for medical and clinical services in one monthly invoice, you can be assured of consistently applied standards.

Management and Information Technology
All data tracking and reporting, appointment scheduling, medical trend analysis, and medical file storage for all your locations can be arranged, executed, and coordinated through our fully integrated state-of-the-art information management system.

Improved 24/7 Access
Our state-of-the-art systems fit your organization's needs. When you work with Health Resources you can be assured of immediate access and a "no one-size-fits-all approach". Key Modules include:

Through a Secure Website Gives You Entry to Your Data When You Need It!

  • A flexible Company Profile module that allows for multiple divisions, locations, contacts and cost centers;

  • A robust Programs module that provides for customized exam specifications; and,

  • A Clinic Visit module that tracks the progress of each encounter throughout the process. This module also tracks clinic services, licensing, hours of operation, handicap access and other information allowing us to readily match the appropriate clinic to our client based on their needs.

  • A Random Drug & Alcohol module can create multiple testing pools, generate selection lists, and automatically track compliance rates.

Reminder System
We provide a flexible Reminder System that will help to ensure your compliance with DOT and other regulatory agencies.

Your Choice of Format
Health Resources offers both standard and customized reporting, which can be transmitted electronically or in paper format as well as a secure Web Site that provides online data access to clearance forms, clinic lists, and a variety of additional reports.

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