News | April 19, 2007

New ANSI Standard Approved To Prevent Occupational Hearing Loss In Construction And Demolition Workers

Source: 3M Detection Solutions

Oconomowoc, WI — Did you know that about 30 million construction workers are at risk for occupational hearing loss? To assist in the prevention of hearing loss, the American National Standard Institute has approved ANSI A10.46-2007, Hearing Loss Prevention in Construction and Demolition Workers. This standard specifically recognizes the need for protecting workers from hearing loss within construction and demolition operations. The new standard applies to all construction and demolition workers with potential noise exposures of 85 dBA.

Quest Technologies can assist companies to comply with this new standard. The NoisePro® Dosimeters Series offers a complete range of personal noise dosimeters with user programmable settings and levels of data gathering capabilities. The NoisePro series not only documents exposures, but also promotes active-management of daily exposures. These products coupled with our QuestSuite Professional software offer powerful solutions and management capabilities.

The SoundPro® SE & DL Series of hand held sound level meters and real-time frequency analyzers is designed to simplify the efforts required to reliably perform advanced noise analysis. The SoundPro SE/DL Series incorporates two virtual sound level meters for simultaneous measurements for multiple regulatory requirements.

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SOURCE: 3M Detection Solutions