News | March 12, 2019

New App ‘WorkMode' Eliminates Cell Phone Distraction On Safety-Sensitive Worksites

WorkMode Gives Employers the Ability to Track Workers' Personal Phone Use on the Job

New York, NY /PRNewswire/ -- Brooklyn start-up Riveted Labs has launched a new app called "WorkMode" ( that gives employers the ability to measure their employees' personal smartphone usage while physically at work and on shift. Cell phone distraction is one of the leading causes of workplace injuries in the United States, and it's costing employers millions. WorkMode can eliminate employee phone distraction and ensure compliance with a cell phone policy in safety-sensitive industries including construction, warehousing, foodservices, and manufacturing, while also safeguarding employee privacy. For more information on WorkMode, to view a demo video, and to sign up for a free trial, visit

Employees download WorkMode to their personal phones, and the app measures screen time when the worker is physically on the worksite and on shift. WorkMode offers a web-based safety dashboard for shift supervisors with details such as which employees have downloaded the app, times of day when most use is happening, and individual screen time statistics. The app's proprietary technology differentiates between personal phone use and work-related use of the phone. Before WorkMode, there was no means to enforce a company cell phone policy without constantly monitoring the workforce; WorkMode enforces a company's cellphone policy effortlessly.

"WorkMode strikes the right balance between respecting employee privacy and ensuring a safe workplace for everyone," said Katharine Brandes, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer. "Our technology enables safety-sensitive businesses to easily enforce their personal phone policies in this age of cell phone addiction while also remaining transparent and respectful of their employees' privacy. No personal information such as messages, apps, or websites visited is ever captured or shared with employers."

Cell phone distraction is one of the leading causes of workplace injuries in the United States, with a single glance at a phone linked to a 400% increased risk of accidents. Furthermore, surveys indicate that the average U.S. worker spends 56 minutes each day using their smartphone for personal purposes while on the job, significantly reducing productivity.

Riveted Labs, founded in 2018, is a Brooklyn-based start-up focused on developing solutions to digital device distraction. The company also markets a product, ClassMode, used in K-12 schools across the country, that was featured at Techonomy 2018.

Source: Riveted Labs

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